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RMS NSW Rider Training Scheme

If you live in a declared area, you need to complete the Motorcycle Rider Training Scheme in order to get your rider licence.

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What is Motorcycle Rider Training Scheme?

The Motorcycle Rider Training Scheme is a training and testing program specifically designed to help people gain basic riding skills, before riding on the road.
There are two levels of training :
** Pre-learner
** Pre-provisional.
The training includes both on and off-road activities.

Pre-Learner Course

The pre-learner course is required if you want to apply for your learner rider licence and you live in a declared area. It’s designed for people with no motorcycle riding experience.

*Please note : if you are a new customer and do not have a driver licence or photocard, then you must attend a NSW Service Centre or Registry to obtain a customer number before you make a course booking.

The course is held over two days, for 3.5 hours each day. Motorcycles, helmets and gloves are all provided at the training centre.

The pre-learner course is a competency based course, with pass/fail criteria. You’ll only be permitted to continue riding, if you’ve passed all of the competencies, in order.

You need to be at least 16 years and six months old to attend a pre-learner course, although please note that you can’t apply for your learner rider licence until you are 16 years and nine months old.

The Certificate of Competence you receive when you successfully complete the course, is valid for three months.

Attending a Pre-Learner Course

Riding a motorcycle requires a high level of balance, coordination and concentration, and not everyone has these skills. If you can ride a bicycle and drive a manual car, you probably have the necessary basic skills.

If you can’t, or it’s a long time since you did, you may require time to progress through the training.
You need to bring :
** Your booking receipt
** Proof of your identity.

Pre-Provisional Course

The pre-provisional course is required to progress from a learner rider licence to a P1 rider licence, if you live in a declared area. The course runs for seven hours. You may be able to hire a motorcycle from the course provider.

At the end of the course, you’ll undertake the Motorcycle Operator Skill Test (MOST) to assess your riding ability. If you pass, you’ll be issued a Certificate of Competence, valid for three months.

Booking a Rider Training course

You must book with a rider training provider if you live in a declared area. Search for a rider training provider near you. Once you’ve found a convenient training centre, contact the rider training provider to book a course. You’ll need to pay the course fee at the time of booking.

Important : If you wish to learn to ride a motor scooter, please let the rider training provider know when you make the booking

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