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ACNC Register a Charity

Charities must register with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) before they can receive charity tax concessions from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

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When you apply to register your organisation as a charity, you can also apply for tax concessions within the same form – the ACNC registration application form. Your application for tax concessions will be sent to the ATO, who will decide your organisation’s eligibility for tax concessions.

Benefits Of Registration

Benefits of registering include being able to :
** apply for charity tax concessions as a charity (such as income tax exemption or goods and services tax concessions) from the ATO (your charity must be registered before you can apply for concessions). Find out more by reading the ATO’s guidance for non-profits.

** apply for additional tax benefits as a public benevolent institution (PBI), health promotion charity (HPC) or charity for the advancement of religion

** apply for certain categories of deductible gift recipient (DGR) status. Some categories of deductible gift recipient (DGR) status are only available to registered charities. If your organisation is a charity that wants to apply for DGR status, you will need to be registered with the ACNC first.

If your charity is already a DGR, check the ACNC Register to see if it has automatically been registered with us.
** receive a range of other concessions, benefits or exemptions available to charities under Commonwealth law.

Who Can Apply to be Registered?

To be eligible to be registered as a charity with the ACNC, your organisation must be able to show that it is a ‘charity’.
In other words, it must :
** be not-for-profit
** have only charitable purposes that are for the public benefit
** be complying with ACNC governance standards

** not have any disqualifying purposes ( for example engaging in, or promoting activities that are unlawful or contrary to public policy or promote or oppose a political party or candidate for political office), and
** not be an individual, political party or government entity.
To register, it must also have an Australian Business Number (ABN) with the right ‘entity type’.


1. What if I’ve forgotten my login details or can’t log in?
If you forget your login username or password, select ‘resume my application’ from the Register my charity menu tab. From there you can select either the ‘forgot my username’ or ‘forgot my password’ options.

2. What if my organisation’s ABN appears to be taken?
If you enter your Australian Business Number (ABN) into the ABN availability screen and the system reports that the ABN you entered is in use, you can :
** re-enter your ABN again, checking that the number is correct
** check the ACNC Register to see which organisation has registered using that ABN.

3. What will be the date of registration?
The ACNC decides your charity’s date of registration. Generally, this will be the date your application for registration was approved by us, but if you want an earlier date let us know when you apply.

It must have been eligible for registration on that date. The earliest date of registration your charity can apply for is 3 December 2012, when the ACNC was established.

4. What happens to the information I provide about my charity?
Information about your charity will be published on the public ACNC Register (except the dates of birth or residential addresses of any responsible person).

In limited circumstances we may withhold (exclude) your charity’s information from the Register if you apply to withhold information. The ACNC is committed to protecting confidential and sensitive charity information.

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