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PPSR Register Security Interest

Register security interests on the PPSR and manage your credit risk.

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The PPSR is a noticeboard only – it flags that a secured party is claiming a security interest against the personal property of a grantor. It is not a registration of actual documents. Neither is it a register of title.

You can place a notice on the PPSR to show that you have enforcement rights over personal property. You should only register a security interest on the PPSR if you have a security agreement evidenced in writing.

A searcher may contact the secured party to request more information or view the underlying security agreement.

Before You Start

To register your security interest you will need the following information :
** PPSR account
** Collateral type
** Transitional or not transitional
** Secured party details (SPG number)
** Collateral class (what you are registering)
** Grantor details (if applicable)
** Method of payment (depending on your account)

All details entered in a registration must be in accordance with the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth)(opens new window) (PPS Act) and the Personal Property Securities Regulations 2010(opens new window) (PPS Regulations).

Before proceeding to start your registration you should click on the links above and read what the terms mean and the information required.

Additionally you can view the PPSR Business Guide. The business guide outlines the business benefits, how to use the register and contains case studies―with practical examples of businesses using the register.

Start Application

** Enter collateral type.
** Your account administrator or authorised user may have set up registration templates to be used to assist with the registrations you are creating.
** Enter if this registration is transitional or not transitional.

** Choose your SPG – use default, select a favourite or enter an SPG number and retrieve details.
** If you have a default SPG and want to use an alternate SPG click on the use a different secured party group link.
** Click next.

Collateral Class

** Choose your collateral class.
** Each registration can only relate to one collateral class.
** Select the collateral class you require for your registration. You may be asked for more details regarding the collateral class you have chosen. See additional collateral details and duration.

** Set a duration for the registration.
** Add any additional details.
** Add giving of notice identifier. This is the reference number or text that identifies this registration for you and your SPG. This detail will be public.
** Add earlier registration number. This is relevant if this registration is an update and links to a previous registration.
** Click Next.


** Add grantor details.
** These may not be necessary if you are registering serial numbered consumer property.
** If this is an organisation, add the correct identifying business number (e.g. an ACN).
** If the grantor is an individual, you need name and date of birth.

** If you have favourite grantors saved to your account you can select the nickname and the grantor details will be populated automatically.
** You can add another grantor, or click Next.

Application Review

** Review the onscreen registration content and edit if necessary.
** Optional Enter a Client billing reference, this reference will appear on the Tax invoice/Receipt.
** The fee for your registration is also shown on this screen.
** Click Next.


** If your account is Pay As You Go you will need to enter your credit card details and click Pay now.
** If your account is pre-pay or credit you will be taken directly to the next step.


** Your PPSR registration number and registration details are displayed. There is also a link to more detailed PPSR registration information
** You can print your Tax invoice/Receipt here.
** A verification statement and token will be emailed to the address for service. Make sure you keep these safe, you will need them in order to manage your registration.

** You may be required to send a notice of the verification statement to the grantor in the registration under the PPS Act.
** If you have requested a ‘CC Copy’ notification, you will receive a warning message if the secured party group you are using does not allow CC Copies for specific notification types.

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