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Organization : Ministry of Education
Facility : TELA Scheme Laptops for Teachers & Principals
Country : New Zealand
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Education TELA Scheme

The teacher laptop scheme (known as TELA) is a laptop leasing scheme for eligible principals and teachers in state and state integrated schools. The scheme also provides a helpdesk, warranty and repairs service. Laptops are leased for 3 years and then replaced.

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Key Features

** Leases are on a 3-year lease-to-return arrangement with quarterly payments.
** Leases are subsidised by the Ministry of Education.
** Laptops are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and this includes batteries.
** Subsidised laptops are covered under the Ministry’s Indemnity Scheme for accidental damage, loss and theft (unsubsidised laptops are not).
** Laptops supplied come with standard Microsoft Office software, Symantec antivirus software and some third-party applications.
** There is a helpdesk and portal to support schools that use the scheme.

Who Is Eligible?

Teachers can apply for a laptop under the TELA Scheme if they are :
** A permanent full-time or part-time (at least 0.5 FTE) teacher working with year 1 to 13 classes.
** A teacher relieving for a permanent position in year 1 to 13 classes. (Long-term relievers are only eligible if they are relieving for a permanent position that doesn’t currently have a TELA laptop).

** An RTLB teacher including RTLits and RTMāori. Fixed Term contract staff are not eligible for the subsidy, unless they meet the “relieving for a permanent position” criteria mentioned above
NOTE : When placing orders for RTLB laptops, it is advisable to follow the instructions under “How do I place an order?”


** Placing orders for laptops
** Managing end of lease for laptops
** Obtaining information on available laptops
** Logging warranty and indemnity service requests (for faulty laptops)
** Obtaining leasing documentation
** Viewing school eligibility
** Viewing billing information
** Viewing asset (laptop) details
** Viewing order information

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are these eligibility criteria used?
Funding is provided from the Government based on the eligibility criteria above. Permanent positions were selected as non-permanent positions are less likely to remain in place for the three-year duration of the lease. This would raise costs as leases are costly to terminate.

2. How is the school’s laptop entitlement calculated?
This is based on the school’s confirmed entitlement FTE. It is only a guide however, and schools with eligible teachers above this figure can place orders, but will require approval from the school principal before the order can be processed. Our eligibility is incorrect – Call TRL Leasing on 0800 875 690, option 1 or email support [AT]

3. Is it possible to order over the loaded entitlement?
Yes, provided the teachers meet the eligibility criteria. Orders exceeding eligibility will require approval from the principal of the school.

4. How do I set up security questions?
Once you have logged into the TELA portal, click on the “Update My Details” link on the left hand side of the landing page, under “Administration”. Then click on the “Security Questions” tab, choose two questions that are suitable, enter their answers, and click the “Save” button.

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