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EWRB Apply Limited Certificate

How to apply for a Limited Certificate or Provisional Licence for applicants who trained in New Zealand.

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You will need a Limited Certificates if you are in one of the following situations :
** you want to work while you are training
** you need to complete certain examinations or work experience prior to registration, and wish to work while achieving those.

When To Apply

Limited Certificates can be held by trainees or those completing registration requirements, including overseas-trained electrical workers applying for registration in New Zealand. Find out how Limited Certificates and Provisional Licences are used.

Different circumstances could lead you to apply for a Limited Certificate :
** if you are working towards obtaining an electrical registration, and need extra work experience for your registration assessment
** if you wish to assist with carrying out all the prescribed electrical work that your supervisor is entitled to do.

Limited Certificates can be held by trainees or those completing registration requirements, including overseas-trained electrical workers applying for registration in New Zealand.

Complete an Application Form

If you need to complete additional training, certain examinations or work experience to gain registration, please complete this application form. Please ensure that the application form is fully completed. Applications will not be processed unless the form is fully completed.

Provide Supporting Information

Along with your application, you need to provide :
** a signed declaration, within the application form, from the registered and licensed person who will supervise you as you carry out prescribed electrical work;
** details on safety training completed, including Safe Work Practices, Testing, First Aid and/or CPR; and
** if you belong to an Industry training organisation (ESITO, ETITO, Competenz) your Training Identification Number.

Submit Application & Pay Fee

The application fee is $91. The application form provides options for paying this fee.
Please post your application to :
Electrical Workers Registration Board
PO Box 10156
New Zealand.

Next Steps

Processing and issuing of a trainee Limited Certificate card will take up to 10 working days.
If your application is successful, you will receive :
** a letter explaining what to do to get registered and licensed, if you are exempted from any requirements, and what further requirements you need to meet
** your Limited Certificate card, with the obligation to complete the directed coursework and examinations during its currency

If only some of your experience is suitable, we may still offer you a Limited Certificate, with the condition that you complete the remaining requirements in New Zealand.

Completing Safety Training

To keep your Limited Certificate, you must complete approved safety training, covering safe working practices, testing, CPR and basic first aid, within three months of applying for your Limited Certificate.

If you don’t do this training in time, your Limited Certificate becomes invalid. As safety training does not happen regularly (especially in some areas), we recommend you check the list of training providers to plan the timing of your training.

Provisional Licences

Some applicants may also get the opportunity to have a Provisional Licence which enables a person to work without supervision but limits that work.
** a holder of a Provisional Licence cannot certify their work, nor supervise others
** a Provisional Licence is only issued for up to 6 months while the holder completes outstanding registration requirements.

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