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Search Incorporated Society New Zealand : Companies Office Trust Online

Organization : Companies Office Trust Online
Facility : Search Incorporated Society
Country : New Zealand
Website :

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Companies Office Search Incorporated Society

Use one of the search options below to search for an incorporated society or charitable trust. To search all the Companies Office online registers visit Companies Website.

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Quick Search

Enter at least the first 3 characters of the organisation name then double click on the organisation in the results box below.

Standard Search

1. Enter an organisation number and click the search button below. or
2. Enter the first few characters of the organisation name and click the search button below.

Keyword Search

1. Enter keyword(s) within the organisation name and click the search button below.
2. Click on the Submit Search button

Searching For A Society

By searching the Register of Societies and Trusts you can find a range of information about an organisation. You can search this information online for FREE.

What information will you find online?
** The date the society was incorporated.
** The current status of the society, for example is it ‘registered’ or ‘struck off’ (removed from the register).
** The registered office.

Copies of the following documents can be viewed online for free :
** A copy of the society’s rules
** Copies of the annual financial statements
** Change of address forms (if any).
The documents are in a PDF format so you will need PDF viewing software to view them. Learn more about installing PDF reader software.

Archived Documents

If a document does not appear as a hyperlink and has the word “Archived” beside it, the document will not have been imaged. As a result of a review of Companies Office archived records in May 2009, Archives New Zealand has determined that many of these records are no longer required to be kept and have been transferred to Archives New Zealand or destroyed.

For Incorporated Societies and Charitable Trusts, all documents filed since April 2002 are available electronically. Prior to 2002, the last complete set of amended rules or trust deed variation are also available electronically.

Archived documents for Incorporated Societies and Charitable Trusts that were declared dissolved prior to 31 Dec 2002 have been transferred to Archives New Zealand.

Restoring A Society

If the Registrar of Incorporated Societies is satisfied that a society is still carrying on its operations, the Registrar can restore the society to the register. Once the restoration has been completed the society is revived as if it had never been removed.

How is the application processed?
** The application will be reviewed to ensure all requirements are met and any outstanding documents with the correct certifications have been submitted.
** The application and revocation of dissolution are processed on the same day.
** All outstanding documents for the society will be registered.
** The applicant will be notified by letter of the outcome of the request.
** The Registrar will give public notice of all restored societies monthly in the New Zealand Gazette.

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