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Work & Income Get a Payment Card

Payment Cards allow you to pay for goods and services from registered suppliers.

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What is a Payment Card

Payment Cards, which look like Eftpos cards, are issued with a cash balance on them for the purchase of goods and services from retailers.
There may be some instances where you will be issued a hologrammed voucher, such as :
** local retailers or landlords don’t have Eftpos terminals
** you are unable to use a Payment Card
** when the Eftpos network or our internal systems are down
** in a declared state of emergency.

How to Get it?

1. You’ll be given a Payment Card :
** the first time you’re granted a food or hardship grant (if you haven’t had one previously), or
** by your Youth Services provider when you meet to discuss your application for Youth Payment or Young Parent payment.

2. If you can’t find a previously issued card, we’ll cancel the old card and issue you a new one.
3. You’ll be asked to sign the back of your card before you leave the office.

Keeping Your Card Safe

** Treat your card the same as you would your Eftpos card. You need to keep it safe as there could be a delay in issuing you a replacement (and your payment might expire in the meantime).

** If you’ve lost your card, contact us as soon as you can, say “Payment Card” when you call.
** If you have a Youth Services Provider, contact them as well.


If you have an agent we will need to know whether you or your agent will be using the Payment Card to purchase groceries. If your agent will be using the Payment Card they will need to have a Payment Card issued to them for their signature.

How to Use?

Once your payment been approved, we’ll confirm with you that it’s been loaded onto the card and that it’s ready to use.
You can use your Payment Card to purchase approved items as well as groceries, so long as :
** the store you’re going to is registered with us to accept payment cards
** you don’t try to spend more money than is available
** your food/hardship grant is spent within 3 days of the grant being issued
** you are only purchasing the item that’s been approved.

Process for using a payment card :
1. Select your item and head to the checkout.
** Please note that for groceries this does not include alcohol, tobacco, appliances, electronics, gift cards, vouchers or Lotto tickets.
** For items other than food or petrol you will need to provide the Supplier Payment Authorisation slip.

2. Swipe the Payment Card through the EFTPOS terminal.
3. Select the CHQ option on the terminal keypad.
4. Enter the last 4 digits of the Payment Card number when you’re asked for a PIN.

5. The EFTPOS terminal will tell the checkout operator to check your signature.
6. Sign the EFTPOS receipt.
7. The checkout operator will compare your signature on the back of your Payment Card.

8. If the signatures match, the transaction will be accepted and your Payment Card given back to you.
9. If you have not spent all the money, you can go to another enrolled store, and repeat this process.
** Cash or change can’t be given. The Payment Card pays the exact amount of the goods or services.

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