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IPONZ Apply for a Design

Prepare the following before you begin your design application. To file your design application, simply complete the online application form and pay the prescribed fee.

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If you need help with preparing a design application, we recommend that you contact a patent attorney or a lawyer who is familiar with intellectual property law.

Prepare Representations

Representations are drawings or pictures that show different views of the articles. For example, perspective, front, back, sides, top and bottom views may be necessary to show the full design features of the article.

Each view should include an appropriate view label (that is, the back view should be labelled ‘Back view’, the perspective view should be labelled ‘Perspective view’, and so on).

The representations must be visually clear, of good quality, suitable for reproduction on to an A4 page & in one of the following formats :
** line drawings (of draftsperson quality) without any written specifications or dimensions
** photos (with plain backdrop and no other items in the shot except the article).

Title For The Articles

Identify the article to which the design is applied using a suitable common noun (e.g. spoon, yacht etc). Don’t use trade names or proper nouns.

Application Process

To manage your intellectual property via our website, you need to be a registered user. This gives you access to our case management facility. There are no joining or maintenance fees. See become a registered user.

To apply for a design online :
** Log in to our case management facility. You’ll be taken to your inbox.
** From the left hand-side menu, select Design and then Apply for a Design.
** Fill in all required fields (marked with an asterisk). If you need help, hold the cursor over the chosen field and a help dialogue box will display.

Note : To save an incomplete application, select Save at the bottom right corner of the page. To go back to your saved application choose Apply for a Design and choose Load to complete the form.

Fill in the application form

Your Reference

Enter anything that helps you identify the application. Use a different reference for each application.


If you’re acting in your own right :
** your IPONZ user account details will display in the Applicant field
** select Edit to change these details.
If you’re acting as an Agent :
Your Agent’s details are uploaded from your user account and the Applicant can be searched and selected from a list of clients.

Convention Type

If you’re claiming an earlier filing date based on an overseas application, enter the details of the overseas application :
** Select Convention from the drop-down box.
** Select Add and complete the convention priority fields including Priority Date and Country.
** Select Continue to confirm the request for convention priority.

Submit Your Online Application

** Check your application thoroughly and make any final changes before submitting it. To save a draft of your application without submitting it, select Save. You can generate a printout of your application by clicking Get PDF Report.

** Select Submit when you have completed the application and wish to proceed to payment. Your fee description will be displayed at the bottom of the main application page and on the payment page.

** If you have a direct debit facility loaded to your IPONZ user account, choose the Direct Debit option for payment. Otherwise select Credit Card or Internet Banking and complete the payment process.

** You’ll receive a confirmation email advising that your application has been submitted. A confirmation and summary of the submission of the application will appear in the Discussion section of your IPONZ Inbox.

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