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Organization : New Zealand Companies Office
Facility : Apply for Closing a company
Country : New Zealand
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Apply for Closing a Company New Zealand

When your company closes down you need to remove it from the register. Your company can be removed if it amalgamates with another company or doesn’t file its annual return.

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Before You Close Your Company

When you apply to us to remove your company from the Companies Register, there are some steps you need to take first so the process goes smoothly.

Removing Your Company

This guide steps you through the online process for applying to remove your company from the Companies Register. It’s free to apply.
If your company is registered on the Overseas Register :
The process for removing a company is different for overseas companies. If you’re no longer intending to carry on business in NZ you must give public notice of your intention and then notify us after 3 months.

Log in & Find your Company

To apply for a removal, you must :
** have a RealMe® login
** have an online services account for the Companies Register
** have authority to act for your company.

When you’re logged in :
** search the Companies Register for the company using the company name, company number or its New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)
** select your company from the results
** select Apply for removal from the My tools menu.

Complete The Application Form

Applicant Details

Fill in the applicant details. From the list provided, tell us who is making the application. You can :
** choose a director’s name from the drop-down list
** enter the name of the shareholder in the box and upload a copy of the special resolution, or
** enter the name of the person that your constitution says the application can be made by.

Alert :
A board of directors can only apply if the company has a constitution. If you don’t have a constitution, then your shareholders must pass a special resolution.

Reason for Your Application

Choose a reason from the list of Grounds for removal. There are 2 options.
** The company has ceased to carry on business, has discharged in full its liabilities to all its known creditors, and has distributed its surplus assets in accordance with its constitution and the Companies Act 1993 [318(2)(a)].

** The company has no surplus assets after paying its debts in full or in part, and no creditor has applied to the court under Section 241 of the Companies Act 1993 for an order putting the company in liquidation [318(2)(b)].

Letter from Inland Revenue

Select Browse or Choose file to upload the letter from Inland Revenue that confirms they have no objection to your company being removed from the Companies Register.

Processing Your Application

Within 5 working days you’ll get an email from us letting you know the outcome of your application. If it’s approved, the email also tells you the date we’ll publish a public notice about your company’s removal.

Giving public notice :
We must give public notice of companies that have requested removal from the Companies Register.
We do this by placing notices every 2 weeks in the :
** New Zealand Gazette — under Removals
** the public notices section of our website.

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