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Organization : Department of Human Services
Facility : Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
Country : Australia
Website :

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Human Services Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

A concession card to get cheaper health care and some discounts if you’ve reached age pension age.

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** over pension age
** unable to get a payment from us or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs
** under the income test limit
** meet residence rules


With a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card you can get cheaper medicine.
With your card you can get :
** cheaper medicine under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
** bulk billed doctor visits – this is up to your doctor
** a bigger refund for medical costs when you reach the Medicare Safety Net

Other Benefits :
Your state or territory government and local council may offer you more.
They may lower your :
** electricity and gas bills
** property and water rates
** health care costs, including ambulance, dental and eye care
** public transport fare

You may need to show your :
** Medicare card to get Medicare services
** Commonwealth Seniors Health Card to get other benefits

Adjusted Taxable Income

We will use your adjusted taxable income to assess your eligibility for some payments, supplements, support and benefits.

What Counts as Adjusted Taxable Income

Depending on which payments or services you claim, your adjusted taxable income can include :
** taxable income
** foreign income
** tax-exempt foreign income
** total net investment losses
** reportable fringe benefits
** reportable superannuation contributions
** certain tax free pensions or benefits, and
** superannuation income stream benefits, including both taxable and non-taxable components

For some payments or services, any child support you pay will be deducted from your adjusted taxable income.

Taxable Income

Taxable income is your gross income minus allowable deductions. It includes income from :
** wages
** a business
** investments, and
** any taxable income support payments

Income under the tax free threshold still counts as taxable income. Any taxable lump sum payments should also be included in your taxable income. This may include superannuation released early.

Family Tax Benefit, Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate aren’t taxable payments. If your allowable deductions are greater than your gross income, that is if you make a loss, your taxable income is taken to be nil for the purpose of calculating your adjusted taxable income.

Residence Rules

To be eligible for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card you must be in Australia on the day you claim.
You must be in You must also be :
** an Australian resident, or
** the holder of a Special Category visa, and
** living in Australia


Check if you’re eligible before you start your claim.
Then :
** find out what you need before you start your claim
** fill in your claim form
** submit the form and other documents we ask for
** wait for us to assess your claim and tell you the result

Renewing & Replacing a Card

If you’re eligible for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, we renew your card each year in August. We can also replace a lost or stolen card. We can replace a lost or stolen card and post you a new card. We can’t issue a replacement over the counter.

Request a replacement card :
** using your online account
** by calling the Older Australians line
** at a service centre

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