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Organization : Victoria Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages
Facility : Track Your Certificate
Country : Australia
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BDM Track Your Certificate

If you applied online, you can track the progress of your certificate online. If you applied by mail, you can’t track your certificate here – see our Turnaround times.

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Note :
** You’ll need the 8-digit receipt number from your online application confirmation.
** This tracking tool doesn’t show any personal information about the applicant or certificate.

Correct A Birth Certificate

If you believe there’s an error on a birth certificate, you can apply to have it corrected. Generally, you can only apply to correct your own or your child’s certificate, if your child is under 18. Either parent can apply.

Proving Your Identity

The Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) deals with highly confidential and sensitive information. Our commitment to your privacy means that we need proof of identity for a lot of our services. Put simply, we’re asking for evidence that you are who you say you are.

Acceptable Documents

** One of the easiest ways to prove your identity is by presenting your driver licence (if it confirms your residential address) and your Medicare card.
** Sample drivers licenceSample medicare card

** Alternatively, you can provide 3 documents, one from each of the lists below. All documents must be current.
** If you’re changing your name or your child’s name, refer to the individual application forms for the documents you need to provide.

List 1 – Evidence Showing Both Your Photo & Your Signature
** Australian driver licence (or learner permit)
** Australian passport
** Australian firearm licence
** Overseas passport

If you can’t provide a document from this list, provide two from List 2 and one from List 3

List 2 – Evidence showing that you live in the community
** Medicare card
** Credit card or ATM card
** Australian security guard or crowd controller licence
** Marriage Certificate issued by the Victorian Marriage Registry

** Student or tertiary identity card
** Australian Citizenship Certificate
** Standard Birth Certificate issued in Australia
** Department of Veterans’ Affairs card
** Working with Children Check card

List 3 – Evidence of your current residential address
** Australian driver licence (or learner permit)
** Utility account (including gas, water, electricity, mobile or home phone)
** Rates notice

** Centrelink concession card (Pension Concession Card, Health Care Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card)
** Bank statement (including passbook, credit, savings or cheque accounts)
** Current lease or tenancy agreement
** Superannuation fund statement

Bank statements, utility accounts, rates notices or superannuation fund statements must have been issued within the last 12 months. Printed versions of online statements need to have an official company letterhead or be stamped and approved by that company.

Certifying Your Documents

You can apply with either your original documents, or with certified photocopies of your documents. To apply with your original documents, visit our Customer Service Centre. Otherwise, you’ll need to certify photocopies of your documents.

You can certify your documents by :
1. Visiting a Justice Service Centre (External link)
2. Visiting a police station and getting them certified by either a
** Sworn member of the police
** Justice of the Peace.

Documents can’t be certified by pharmacists, legal practitioners or other professionals.

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