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Organization : Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (WFSFAA)
Facility : Grant for School-related Expenses for Kindergarten Student
Location : Hong Kong
Country : China
Website :

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WFSFAA School Expenses for KG Student

Grant for School-related Expenses for Kindergarten Student follow the below Procedures,

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With effect from the 2017/18 school year, the Student Finance Office (SFO) of Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency will provide a “Grant for School-related Expenses for Kindergarten Students” (Grant-KG) to eligible kindergarten (KG) students to defray school-related expenses incurred from the students’ KG education in addition to the continued implementation of the existing Kindergarten and Child Care Centre Fee Remission Scheme (KCFRS).


** KG students who pass the means test of the SFO and meet the eligibility criteria for the KCFRS are eligible for the Grant-KG according to their respective assessed assistance levels in the 2017/18 school year.

** If you wish to apply for the Grant-KG for your child(ren) attending KGs, you must indicate your choice of the ‘Grant-KG’ (by inserting a“✔” in the box for Grant-KG) in completing Part II of the 2017/18 household application form and also provide bank account information in Part VI of the application form together with a copy of relevant supporting documents for disbursement of the Grant.

Note : If you wish to receive fee remission under KCFRS apart from the Grant-KG, you need to inserting a “✔” in the box for the KCFRS as well.

Rates of the Grant-KG & Payment Arrangement

Eligible KG Students
(including students attending whole-day and half-day KG classes)
Full grant $3,885
3/4 grant $2,914
1/2 grant $1,943

The SFO will disburse the Grant-KG through autopay to the bank account of the eligible applicants.


1. If an applicant needs not apply for the KCFRS for their children studying in kindergarten in the 2017/18 school year, can he / she apply for the Grant-KG?
Yes. After implementation of the Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme in the 2017/18 school year, most kindergarten students attending half-day classes under the new Scheme need not pay school fees or apply for the KCFRS. Notwithstanding this, applicants concerned can still apply for the Grant-KG.

2. Are students currently in receipt of the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) eligible for the Grant-KG?
No. Since students in receipt of the CSSA are already eligible for a flat-rate grant to cover selected items of school-related expenses under the scheme, they should not apply for the Grant-KG.

3. How can the applicants ascertain that they have been provided with the Grant-KG?
Applicants may cross-check the bank transaction records in their bankbooks or bank statements. However, if the bank account number provided by the applicants is invalid or incorrect, they may not be able to receive the Grant-KG on time.

In this connection, the SFO will send letters to the applicants for seeking information on bank account number from them.

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