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Organization : Ministry for Europe & Foreign Affairs
Facility : Obtaining Albanian Citizenship
Country : Albania
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Obtaining Albanian Citizenship

Application for citizenship by naturalization is done by foreigners only at the local police stations of the State Police.

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Their further checking is carried out by the Department of Citizenship at the MIA and the final decision is taken by the Presidency, the Office of Citizenship.

Re-acquisition of Citizenship

Re-acquisition of citizenship by the person who renounced the Albanian citizenship due to the commitment to be granted another citizenship

Required Documentation

1) Interested party’s application addressed to the President of the Republic of Albania;
2) Birth certificate;
3) Family certificate;

4) Explanatory report and confirmation from the local Police Station and relevant District in relation to the former or current citizenship of the applicants’ parents;

5) Notarial declaration of each adult applicant, wherein it should be declared that he/she has acquired no other citizenship and that he/she is currently a stateless person;

6) Certificate issued by the relevant administrative unit for each adult applicant;
7) Certificate of Birth or Death of Parents of the Applicant;
8) Applicant’s photo;
9) Invoice.

Procedural steps

1) Submission of documents via mail or in person;
2) Certification of the documentation by the Consul;
3) Official forwarding of the documentation from the mission to the relevant authorities.
Service fee and deadline : 30 Euros – 3 Months
Office : All Diplomatic and Consular Missions

Note :
The Albanian citizenship may be re-acquired in case the person was not granted the promised citizenship. All documents issued in the Republic of Albania shall be admitted if signed by the head of the institution.

The applications for Albanian citizenship are individual, except for those of minor citizens, for whom their parents will be in charge. The documentation submitted should be of the last two months.

All documents (drafted in Albania or other countries) shall be admitted if they are in full compliance with each other and contain no errors or corrections. All documents for the acquisition of citizenship shall be provided by the interested parties themselves.

Renouncement Of Citizenship

Renouncement of Albanian citizenship in case of another citizenship or commitment for the acquisition of another citizenship

Required Documentation

1) Albanian citizen’s application addressed to the President of the Republic of Albania
2) Commitment by the competent authority of the other citizenship or an original document of citizenship acquired at the relevant country;

3) Applicant’s birth certificate;
4) Certificate of lack of criminal record;
5) Certificate from the District Court;
6) Certificate from the Prosecution Office;

7) Certificate from the Execution Agent Office;
8) Certificate from the Administrative Unit Mayor certifying that he/she is an inhabitant of such unit as well as his/her correct address;

9) Applicant’s marriage certificate, if he/she is married;
10) Certificate of family status in the country where he/she lives;
11) Notarial declaration of both parents, whereby they express their consent on renouncement of citizenship of their children of minor age;

12) The document confirming his residence at the state promising the other citizenship;
13) The Invoice.

Procedural Steps

1) Submission of documents via mail or in person;
2) Certification of the documentation by the Consul;
3) Official forwarding of the documentation from the Mission to the relevant authorities.

Minors’ Acquisition Of Citizenship By Birth

Acquisition of citizenship by a child born by at least an Albanian parent

Required Documentation

1) Written application in Albanian or a foreign language, yet notarized, of parents for the acquisition of citizenship by the child;

2) Child’s birth act, issued by foreign authorities, legalized or having an apostil affixed and translated;
3) Consent of the foreign parent, if any, expressed by a notarial declaration on allowing the acquisition of citizenship.

Procedural Steps

1) Personal appearing of both parents; or
2) Personal appearing of one of the parents and the notarial authorization of the other parent on the submission of the application;
3) Official forwarding of the child’s birth act;

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