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Organization : Department of Pensions
Facility : W&OP Re-registration Widows, Widowers & Orphans Pension
Country : Sri Lanka
Register Here :
Details Here :

Pensions W&OP Re-registration Sri Lanka

This system is required only for the re-registration of widows’, widowers’ and orphans’ pension.

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Pension Registration System Sri Lanka

To access this system, you should posses a widows, widowers’ and orphans’ No., obtained without the online process. (82 / .., F / …, M / ….) If not, get your widows, widowers’ and orphans’ no. contacting the officer in charge of the personal files in your institution.

Before the registration, check whether the relevant widows, widowers’ or orphans’ membership card is available entering your National Identity card no, through the “Get Your W & OP Number” extension.

Access to the W&OP Re-registration

1. Open the Google Chrome or other Web Browser in your Computer. Type Official on its address bar and access to the Department of Pensions website and click on the W&OP Re-registration icon.

Re-Registration For The Membership Number

Very Important – Relevant officer/female officer should access to the system and fill this application online in the widows’, widowers’ and orphans’ membership number.

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No any Username or password is necessary to enter this system. The officers who are engaging in public service and not obtained the Widows’, widowers’ and Orphans’ pension scheme membership number via online from system so far in this system should be registered in this system.

(to get to know whether you have registered already, enter your National Identity Card Number to the W&OP section in service menu in Department of Pensions Website (If your information is already mentioned in there, No need to reregister in this system).

How to Apply?

Go to the official website of Department of Pensions and Click W&OP Re-registration link in the home page.

Then Click on the Re-register button in the top right corner of the page.

First Step : Personal Information
** Enter the bio data and contact information of the pensioner.

** Fill all information and then click on the “Continue” button.

Second Step : Service Information
1.Enter the Widows,widowers & Orphens’ & membership number already obtained by you.( Confirm the said number from the officer in charge of the subject of your personal files).

2. Enter the Institute serving /Designation/Service/salary Code. (These information should be relevent for the institute where you are serving presently).
3.Fill the relevent information and click on the “Continue” button.

Third Step : Dependant Information
2. As per the above image, select whether you are married or single. Select the code relevant for you from Single, Married fields mentioned above as No. (01) If it’s, Single, informing the other information is not compulsory.

3. Bellow screen will be dispalyed after select “married”
4. This page has created to enter the dependants’ information of pensioner.

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  1. how to correct my letter is missing

  2. Amarasinghe Achchillage pathmini swarnalatha amarasinghe

    I have enterd the detail for my re registration.but not view my registration no.

  3. There’s a mistake in my name in W & OP membership card . How can I change my name in the card?

  4. Though I fill the re-registration form I cant locate my information when entering the NIC.

  5. Cant register.after filling the first page cant continue to 2nd page

  6. I tried several times and still I can’t get any details even a message . what can I do ?

  7. vg sajith nilantha

    i want regester wonop

  8. My institution show wrong how can i change it.

  9. Chandralal. Y.h.s.

    I attempted several times and still trying to re register as I have a number starting 82/874—- and I am about to retire soon.Whom shall I contact/consult.

  10. I am unable to continue the reregistration as i am unable to enter my institute it doesnt show any pop up for me and when i enter it by my own it does not accept it

  11. R.A.Jayantha Rathnayaka

    i want re register.i tried but i cant enter details

  12. re registration site is not working, the given phone numbers are not working also.

    1. Indradevi.My institute name show wrong.I verify my education department (zonal Hatton)

  13. I am unable to continue the reregistration as i am unable to enter my institute it doesnt show any pop up for me and when i enter it by my own it does not accept it.

  14. registration site is not working -Withanamahamudalige Dona Chathurika Nilminie.How I register?

  15. not work re-registration


  17. I need a re-registation link for my W&OP.

  18. I want to know my WNOP number. My first appointment date is 27th April 1987 & worked in North Central Province. From 1st January 2003 to today working in St. Mary’s College Negombo, Western Province. Please help to get my WNOP Number.


    My ID number is 782590758. How can I get my W&OP number?

  20. I need the re-registration of my W&OP.

  21. Re-registration link is not working. Even after many attempts it ended in “This site can’t be reached” message. Please advise.

  22. Errors in salary Code and married certificate number. How do I edit my entry?

  23. I want to know my W&OP number.

    1. Please inform, is there a closing date for re-registration?


    Please reply, Is there a closing date for W&OP Online Re-registration?

  25. Dushani Manjula

    I want to know my W and OP number.

  26. I have forgotten to enter the birth certificate & marriage certificate number while filling application. What shall I do?

  27. I want to register in WNOP.


  28. E. A. S Edirisinghe

    I want to know my W and OP number.

  29. I want W&OP Number. I am a New appointed Teacher from Monaragala Zonal Education office. I want to re-register from your site.

    1. Please reply, Is there a closing date for W&OP Online Re-registration?

  30. I want to check my registration. Is it possible?

  31. I want to know, when will you start the registration of W & OP 2018.

  32. I want to register for WNOP.

  33. I want to know my membership status. My Employee number is 148.

  34. I want to re-register my number 83|154417. Is it possible?

  35. I want to know, when will you start the registration of WNOP 2018.

  36. The institution will be deleted when it is included in the data entry.

  37. I want to know, when will you start the registration of WNOP 2018.

  38. Mrs. D.S.M.T. Perera

    I, was employed by the Department as a Pupil Teacher (English) in the year 1972. Thereafter I was selected to under a course of Study for English Trained Teachers. Having successfully completed this Examination I was given an Appointment as an English Trained Teacher. Prior to my appointment I was married to a Sri Lanka Government Employee. He had contributed to the W&OP Fund since his appoint. But to an oversight I had missed getting my W&OP Number. I have since retired and don’t have a Registered W&OP Number. Could you kindly assist me in advising as to how I could get about in obtaining this matter solved.


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