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Organization : President of Sri Lanka
Facility : Submit Your Grievance & Check Status
Country : Sri Lanka
Website :

Tell the President New Grievance

You can submit your complaints, suggestions, ideas and grievances using this screen.

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To submit your complaints, suggestions, ideas and grievances fill the following application form. (* denotes mandatory fields.)
1. Select Organization Type *
2. Select Organization *

Grievance Details :
3. Enter Your Ref. Number xxx/xxxx/xxxxx (After submission, the Reference No. will be displayed)
4. Enter Your submission (Please limit your submission to 3000 words) *

5. Select District *

Your Personal Details :
None of the following fields are mandatory. If you want to receive feedback by SMS/email, you should supply a valid mobile number/email address in the relevant fields and set the tick boxes, otherwise clear the relevant tick boxes and leave the mobile number/email address fields blank.

6. Enter Name
7. Enter NIC No
8. Enter Address 1
9. Enter Address 2
10. Enter City
11. Enter Telephone No
12. Enter Mobile No Feedback by SMS?
13. Enter Email Address Feedback by eMail?
14. Upload Attachments
15. Click on the Proceed button

Check Your Grievance Status

You can submit your grievance reference number in order to check the current status of it.

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Check Status :

Steps :
Step 1 : Enter Your Grievance Reference No
Step 2 :  Click on the Search button

Create Your Petition

Please enter your details in order to create a petition. Please note your details can not be duplicated for the same petition. (* denotes mandatory fields.)

Petition Details :
1. Enter First Name *
2. Enter Last Name *
3. Enter NIC No *
4. Enter Mobile No *
5. Enter Email Address *
6. Enter Petition Title *
7. Enter Petition Description * 3000 characters left
8. Tick the check box terms & Condition
9. Click on create button.


Search Petitions

1. Enter a Petition
2. Click on the Search button

President Of Sri Lanka

Pallewatte Gamaralalage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena, known as Maithripala Sirisena, is the 6th Executive President of Sri Lanka. He was born on 3rd September 1951 to a middle-class farming family.

He joined mainstream politics in 1989 and has held several ministerial portfolios since 1994. He is the President of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) he was the longest serving General Secretary.

About The Presidency :
The Head of State of the Republic of Sri Lanka is the President. The President is also the Head of the Executive, the Head of the Government, and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

The President is elected by the people and holds office for a period of six years. The President has the right to attend, address and send messages to Parliament at any time.

The President is also entitled to all the privileges, immunities and powers of a Member of Parliament other than the right to vote, and shall not be liable for any breach of the privileges of Parliament, or of its Members.

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  1. Help me to check this pre/2018/N/027389.

  2. Help me to check this pre/2018/n/40341.

  3. Help me to check this PRE/2019/N/006857.

  4. Regarding my daughter, I send a letter according to this reference number PRE/2018/N/047356 but still my daughter has no school to attend. This is real human rights violation. Even I have all my qualification to admit my daughter to this school but even I have no chance for interview because principle had misplaced my photo copy of deed. So end of any verification my daughter should have this school as soon as possible.

  5. Please give the extension for retirement till 65.

  6. Help me to check this PRE/2018/N/049438.

  7. Not good result me from president.

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