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Organization : The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd MCB
Facility : How to Get an E-Statement
Country : Mauritius
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Get E-Statement :

We need to be more environmentally conscious these days and we lead the way. So say goodbye to printed statements.

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Convenient, secure and free access :
MCB E-statements can provide you with easy access to your account statements and any document you need. No more hassles with limited storage or clutter.

MCB E-statements work exactly like paper statements and can provide you with instant sight of your MCB financial transactions, handy for taxes, record-keeping and more. View, print and download your MCB E-statements whenever you like – directly from your email account.

Benefits :
** Faster, more practical and kinder to the environment
** Instant, convenient access to your account statements
** Electronic record-keeping across many accounts
** Contribute to a green cause

How does it work?
As well as viewing and accessing your statements with ease, you can also :
** Save your e-statements as PDFs, which you can access and print if needed
** Obtain e-statements for many accounts, including: current, savings, credit cards, home loans, personal loans, lines of credit, student loans, funds and investments

How to register to MCB E-statements :
Three easy ways to register and receive all your statements by email.

About Us :
MCB Ltd, a subsidiary and the mainstay of MCB Group Ltd, is the longest-standing and leading banking institution in Mauritius while displaying an increasingly prominent foothold in the region.

Backed by its sound business model, modern channel capabilities and high quality customer service, the Bank has, throughout its history, been true to its guiding principle of assisting in the advancement of individuals, corporates and the country at large, thus playing a key role in the socio-economic development of Mauritius.

FAQs :
1. How can I become an MCB customer?
You need to open any account with us. Why not use our online application tool and find your perfect match, right now, right here
2. How can I apply for another product?
You may do so via IB, Juice app or by visiting your nearest branch.

3. Should I advise the Bank when I travel overseas?
Yes, you should do so in order for us to activate your debit cards and the monitoring of your credit cards.

4. How do I get in touch with MCB?
** Email contact [AT]
** Call +230 202 6060
** Callback message on or Juice.

5. How do I notify the Bank that a customer (relative) has died?
Should this situation arise, please visit the nearest branch with the relevant death certificate.

6. How to apply for a loan?
You may do so at any of our branches.

7. I am an existing customer; can I borrow more?
Yes you may depending on your repayment capacity.
8. Can I settle the loan totally or partly?
Yes, you may do so but depending on your loan contract, you may incur early repayment fees

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