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Organization : Bank of Anguilla
Facility : How to Enroll in eStatement
Country : Anguilla
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eStatement :

Enrollment and changes take about two business days to process. Must have Adobe 6.0 or higher.

Related : How to Enroll in NetTeller Bank of Anguilla :

1. Login to NetTeller
2. Click on eStatement tab, then click Enrollment
** Click on “details” to see accounts to be enrolled
** Confirm email address is correct

** Enter security phrase (This phrase will show in subject line of confirmation email.)
** Click on “click here,” then enter code into blank

** Scroll down to bottom of “Disclosure and Agreement” and click “agree”
** Select “OK” in Enrollment Confirmation box
There you go. You’re on your way to the convenience and savings of being green.

Frequently Asked Q&A about NetTeller
What Can I Do Using Netteller?
With NetTeller you have access to your Bank of Anguilla accounts from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you have access to the Internet.

NetTeller allows you to :
** View current account information
** Transfer funds among your Bank of Anguilla accounts
** View transaction history
** Make your loan payments
** Print a statement copy
** View check images

What Accounts Can I View?
You can view the following accounts with NetTeller: Checking, Savings, Money Markets, Certificate of Deposits, IRAs, Lines of Credit, Mortgages and Personal Loans.

How Do I Access Netteller?
The NetTeller program runs on a secure website. You need Internet access and your Internet browser must allow access to secure sites. In order to provide a solid security environment, we require that you use 128-bit encryption with your web browser.

What Transfers Can I Make?
You can transfer money between your personal Bank of Anguilla accounts to and from your other Bank of Anguilla accounts.

When Are Transfers Available?
Funds transferred between your Bank of Anguilla accounts using NetTeller will be updated in the available balance immediately, but the transaction detail will not be reflected until the next business day.

The transfer or payment cut-off time for current day’s business is 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Transfers or payments made on a holiday that Bank of Anguilla observes, will be posted on the next business day.

Is Netteller In Real Time?
The balances displayed on NetTeller for your accounts will change throughout the day based on your NetTeller activity as well as other banking activities that are completed throughout the day.

About Us :
Bank of Anguilla’s history dates back to its charter in 1904 when local businessmen and farmers came together out of a desire to create a financial institution focused on the economic well-being of the South Delta of Mississippi.

Bank of Anguilla has endured the challenging times of the Flood of 1927 and the Great Depression, and has prevailed as a strong, well-capitalized hometown, independent bank.

The mission of Bank of Anguilla remains to achieve economic success and financial security by building relationships through trust, confidence and integrity as we provide excellent service to the people of this area.

Contact Us :
Bank of Anguilla,
P O Box 188, Anguilla,
MS 38721

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