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Organization : Integrated Procurement Management System
Facility : Tender Search
Country : Botswana
Website :

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IPMS Tender Search

This page allows you to search for tenders published on the Integrated Procurement Management System by different ministries and Procuring Entities (PEs).

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IPMS Botswana Search Annual Procurement Plan


Please enter the following details,
1. From Date
2. To Date
3. Select Ministry
4. Select Department
5. Select Devision
6. Tender Type
7. Discipline
8. Code
9. Sub-Code
10. Grade


1. Is registration compulsory on eTendering portal?
Yes. Registration is compulsory on eTendering portal.

2. How do I register on eTendering portal?
Go to Client Department URL, fill up online form using “Register Me” link. You can enter your preferred USER ID and system will provide with password which will be initially be in disable state.

Once your registration fee is received by the service provider, the same will be enabled and communicated to you through Phone / email along with necessary document.

3. What documents should I upload during registration, in case of online registration?
At the time of Vendor registration, you need to scan the copy of the registration certificate or any other supporting documents and upload to the system along with one requisition letter.

4. Do I get confirmation mail after registration?
Yes. All successful Vendors will get email communication. Please check your email account as provided by you during registration. After registration, you can also modify / update the E Mail address through “Modify Profile” link.

The implementation of IPMS includes the following core modules :
** Contractor Registration Module
** ITT Vetting Module
** Adjudication Module

** E-bidding Module
** Dispute Resolution Module
** Capacity Building Module


** Submission (Applicable to ALL Categories) – P100.00

Certificate Category Fee per Sub Code :
** 100% Citizen – P100.00
** Majority Citizen – P200.00
** Minority Citizen – P500.00
** 100% Foreign – P1000.00
** Certified Copy (Applicable to ALL Categories) – P5.00

Registration Charges applicable to Works Category :

New Registration (in


Re-registration/Upgrading (in Pula)
Category Fee Fee
OC 100 50
A 200 100
B 300 150
C 100% Citizen 500 250
C Majority Citizen 600 300
C Minority Citizen 750 375
C 100% Foreign 1000 500
D 100% Citizen 750 375
D Majority Citizen 1000 500
D Minority Citizen 1500 750
D 100% Foreign 2000 1000
E 100% Citizen 1000 500
E Majority Citizen 1500 750
E Minority Citizen 2000 1000
E 100% Foreign 3000 1500

Tenderer’s obligations

The tenderer shall comply with the following obligations :
Eligibility :
1 Submit a tender offer only if the tenderer complies with the criteria stated in the Tender Data.

Cost of tendering :
2 Accept that the Procuring Department will not compensate the tenderer for any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a tender offer.

Check documents :
3 Check the tender documents on receipt, including pages within them, and notify the Procuring Department of any discrepancy or omission.

Confidentiality & Copyright of documents :
4 Treat as confidential all matters arising in connection with the tender. Use and copy the documents issued by the Procuring Department only for the purpose of preparing and submitting a tender offer in response to the invitation.

Standardised specifications and other publications :
5 Obtain, as necessary for submitting a tender offer, copies of the latest versions of standardised specifications, conditions of contract and other publications, which are not attached but which are incorporated into the tender documents by reference.

Acknowledge addenda :
6 Acknowledge receipt of addenda to the tender documents, which the Procuring Department may issue, and if necessary apply for an extension to the closing time stated in the Tender Data, in order to take the addenda into account.

Site visit and / or clarification meeting :
7 Attend a site visit and / or clarification meeting at which tenderers may familiarise themselves with the proposed work, services or supply (and location etc.) and raise questions. Details of the meeting(s) are stated in the Tender Data.

Seek clarification :
8 Request clarification of the tender documents, if necessary, by notifying the Procuring Department at least five working days before the closing time stated in the Tender Data.

Insurance :
9 Be aware that the extent of insurance to be provided by the Procuring Department (if any) may not be for the full cover required in terms of the conditions of contract identified in the Contract Data. The tenderer is advised to seek qualified advice regarding insurance.

Pricing the tender offer :
10 Include in the rates, prices, and the tendered total of the prices (if any) all duties, taxes (except VAT), and other levies payable by the successful tenderer, such duties, taxes and levies being those applicable 14 days prior to the closing time stated in the Tender Data.

About Us

The Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board, with the objective to improve the public procurement process and in an effort to reduce the procurement cycle time to improve its service delivery to various stakeholders, has envisaged automating the public procurement system through the implementation of Integrated Procurement Management System (IPMS).

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