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Organization : Ministry of Home Affairs
Facility : Amending a Birth Registration
Country : Guyana
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Amending a Birth Registration :

Spelling Corrections :
Birth Certificates :
** A birth certificate is prepared from a person’s birth registration.

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** If a name is incorrectly spelt the correction must be made on the birth registration.

How To Effect Spelling Correction :
Under Twelve (12) Months Old :
If the correction is required for a new born who has not attained one year of age the parent(s) must visit a General Register Office, to fill out an amendment form requesting a new name or correct the one(s) already recorded.

How To Effect Spelling Correction :
One Year And Older :
If the correction requested, does not alter the pronunciation of the name, you must request the change by way of a sworn affidavit.

Example :
** Alli to read Ally or Ali
** Sharran to Sharon
** Eon to Eyon, Ian
** Shawn to Sean , Shaun

No Name(S) Given :
Children Under One (1) Year Of Age :
Parents can have the name inserted at any General Register Office by filling out an Amendment Form.

No Name Given At Registration :
One (1) Year Old And Over :
If NOT STATED is shown on your birth certificate where name of child is required you need to obtain a Court Order from the Magistrate in your district, take the Court Order to the nearest General Register Office to have your name inserted onto your Birth Registration.

One Name :
If you require an additional name on your records, you must obtain a Court Order from the Magistrate in your district and take same to the nearest General Register Office to have same inserted ON your Birth Registration.

About Us :
The General Register Office is a department of the Ministry of Home Affairs and is located at the Guyana Post Office Corporation. It operates in accordance with Chapters 44:01 Births and Deaths and 45:01 Marriages of the laws of Guyana.

Formerly a Micro film unit used to be located at the Ministry of Health; it has now been relocated at the Guyana Post Office Corporation building Robb Street.

Before 1st July 1987, the Registration of Births and Deaths were done throughout the country in the registration districts, for example, Georgetown had eleven (11) Districts, Plaisance nine (9) which included Lodge and Kitty.

Contact Us :
General Register Office,
GPO Building,
Robb Street,
Georgetown Guyana.

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