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Organization : Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption
Facility : Housing for New Immigrant
Country : Israel
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Housing for New Immigrant :

The Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption works in conjunction with the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the Ministry of Finance to provide assistance with housing to eligible immigrants.

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Period of Eligibility :
​The period of eligibility for housing assistance for immigrants is 15 years, unless otherwise stipulated​

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Certificate of Eligibility :
1. ​Eligibility for housing assistance is dependent on the presentation of a valid certificate of eligibility, issued by the Ministry of Housing.
2. All family members requesting housing rights together are registered on the certificate. The certificate of eligibility is valid for up to eighteen months.

In order to receive the certificate of eligibility one must contact one of the mortgage banks or one of the rental assistance companies and present the following documents :
** Immigrant’s Card

** Identity Card
** Marriage certificate (for families)
** Confirmation of IDF service.
The certificate of eligibility is issued for a defined period of time and is generally valid for only one year.​

Areas of Assistance :
​Rental assistance
Mortgages to purchase apartments in the private market. Public housing : eligibility for public housing is for special population segments only.​

Who is entitled to receive housing assistance?
Immigrants, Immigrant Citizens, Returning Minors defined as “Without housing” and who are within their period of eligibility for housing as immigrants.

Who is defined as “Without Housing”?
Singles or families, in which every person in the family fulfills the following requirements :
a. Does not own and did not own an apartment or any part of an apartment in Israel, in the form of ownership, tenancy or rental under the “tenants protection law” (key money), either individually or with another party, as of 1/6/71.

b. Does not, and did not, have any rights in an agricultural farm or communal settlement.
c. Did not receive governmental assistance, such as evacuation fees, loans or purchasing grants, for building, renovating or renting a

d. Is not in possession of a public-housing apartment with special social-welfare rental rates through a public housing company as of December 15, 1982

Public Housing :
Elderly Immigrants :
Despite the aforementioned, the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption will continue to handle eligibility and allocation of housing solutions to elderly immigrants, with no limitation regarding the period of aliyah, as long as they meet the following criteria

** They receive an old age pension + assured income from the National Insurance Institute or a disability pension from the Ministry of Finance.
** They meet the definition of elderly on the day they contact the Ministry.

** They have eligibility certificates for the elderly issued by the Ministry of Construction and Housing.
** They meet the definition of “without housing.”

Public Housing Candidates Waiting List :
** Family information, immigration date relevant to list position, number of family members.
** Position in line per requested residence.
** Application information: status, date of committee, committee decision.

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