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Organization : National Environment Commission
Facility : EC Renewal & Check Status – Environment Clearance
Country : Bhutan

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EC Renewal :

It is very important to note the validity period of the EC. If you have more than one EC, it may be appropriate to make a note of all environmental clearances that you have and their expiry dates.

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ECs must be renewed for activities that are not completed within the validity period of the EC. For instance, if the construction of the road is not completed within the validity of the EC, then, it must be renewed. Most of the activities require EC both for construction and operation.

For such activities, ECs must be valid at all times. All ECs must be renewed at least one month prior to its expiry date. Non-renewal of the ECs on time will be constituted as a violation of the EA Act and the Regulation.

Renewal Procedure :
To renew the EC, one must submit an application with the following information :
** Details of the company or the applicant
** A copy of the environmental clearance

** State the reasons for seeking extension or renewal of the EC
** Mention for how long the extension is required, particularly for activities requiring environmental clearances only during construction period

** Brief report on how the environmental terms and conditions were implemented
** Any other relevant documents such as receipts of fines paid, etc.

Note that the EA Act and the Regulation do not permit any authority to issue EC longer than five years.

It is also important to understand that the renewal of the EC shall be based on whether the environmental terms and conditions issued have been implemented fully or not. The application must be submitted to the CA or the NEC, as appropriate.

Site visit :
Once the applicant has submitted an application, the CA or the NEC conducts a field visit to verify the information contained in the application. It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit correct/accurate information to the CA or the NEC.

Submission of false or misleading information is a violation of the EA Act and the Regulation.

Decision :
The CA or NEC will then take a decision to either :
** Renew the EC
** Suspend the EC

View Your EC Status :
To view your EC status, you must have the “Status No” issued by NEC.

How to view the EC status :
** Click on the link given below
** Enter the Status No
** Click on the Process Button

EC to modify Existing Projects :
** Under the EA process, modification of an existing facility or an activity by increasing the production capacity or making a material change or changing the production process is considered a new project.

** Therefore such an activity in an existing project requires an EC. Applications for EC must be submitted following the EC procedure for a new project.

Application :
** The application for modifying an existing facility or an activity should be submitted to the CA following the procedure for new projects. If there is no CA for the activity that you are intending to pursue, then, the application must be submitted directly to the NEC.

** This application will be treated as a new project as per the provisions under the EA Act and the Regulation. Therefore, all formalities for a new project must be completed prior to submission of an application.

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