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Organization : Bangladesh Investment Development Authority
Facility : Online-Service Tracking
Country : Bangladesh

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Website :

Online Service Tracking :

The BOI Interactive section will be used to allow navigation to key interactive features of the BOI website. These features will be hyperlinked from other places as well.

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During the website development phase this section provides the background information on website developments to date.

BOST is an online interactive e-governance solution that facilitates the investors to track their service requests made to BOI. To get the latest status of your service request / application, always refer to the Service Request ID.

Tracking :
1. Please enter the Service Request ID
2. Click on the “Get Status” Button.

Board of Investment – Bangladesh :
1.1 The Online Registration System :
** The online registration system is a web-based application for investors to complete registration formalities, and for BOI to process registration.

** To start the online registration system, investor has to open an internet browser such AS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome (as shown Figure – A) and has to type “” in the address bar.

** After writing this address into the address bar user has to click on go button or has to press “Enter” key on keyboard and then there will appear a Log in screen (as shown Figure – A).

1.2 Registering Yourself :
** If you are a first time user you have to register yourself to the online registration system as an investor.
** From the online registration system first screen after entering web address there will appear a Log in screen (as shown Figure – A).

** If you are not an user of Online Registration System then click on ‘First time user? Click here’ to register yourself as an user (as shown Figure – B)
** After clicking the hyperlink for first time user system will redirected you to the registration panel.

** Here you will have to fill up the form with requested information and have to agree with Board of Investment Terms and Conditions; then press ‘Register’ to system process (as shown Figure – C).

1.3 Activation Confirmation from E-mail
** After getting the registration notification you have to enter your mail box that you provided as your e-mail address.

** A mail will come from Board of Investment Bangladesh ( having subject as ‘User Activation Notification for Online Registration System’ confirming you that Board of Investment – Bangladesh has accepted your registration request for completion of the registration procedure you have to activate your account by clicking the link titled ‘User Account Activation link’ (as shown Figure – F)

** After clicking the ‘User Account Activation Link’ the system will automatically logging yourself to the Board of Investment Online Registration system and confirm the further login credential (as shown Figure – G). After the page appears the system will also generate a mail to your address confirming your login credentials.

FAQs :
1. What are the various structural options that an investor can choose to set up a business?
If you are a local investor you may set up your business under several organizational structures such as single proprietorship, partnership and limited company. If you are a foreign investor, you may establish your business only under limited company.

2. Can a foreign investor be allowed to own 100% of a business?
Yes, 100% foreign equity may be allowed in all areas of investment under Companies Act 1994. However, private investment, local as well as foreign, is restricted in four sectors on strategic grounds as mentioned in the Industrial Policy-2010.

3. What are the areas of investment covered by the Industrial Policy 2010?
The Industrial Policy-2010 covers almost all investment areas except the following four reserve sectors where private investment is not allowed :

a) Arms and ammunitions and other military equipments and machinery
b) Nuclear power

c) Security printing and minting
d) Forestation and mechanized extraction within the boundary of reserved forest

4. Are there other areas that require prior approval for setting up industries?
Yes, there are 17 controlled sectors which require prior clearance/ permission from the respective line ministries/authorities.

These are :
a) Fishing in the deep sea
b) Bank/financial institution in the private sector
c) Insurance company in the private sector

d) Generation, supply and distribution of power in the private sector
e) Exploration, extraction and supply of natural gas/oil
f) Exploration, extraction and supply of coal

g) Exploration, extraction and supply of other mineral resources
h) Large-scale infrastructure project (e.g. flyover, elevated expressway, monorail, economic zone, inland container depot/container freight station)

i) Crude oil refinery (recycling/refining of lube oil used as fuel)
j) Medium and large industry using natural gas/condescend and other minerals as raw material
k) Telecommunication service (mobile/cellular and land phone)

l) Satellite channel
m) Cargo/passenger aviation
n) Sea-bound ship transport

o) Sea-port/deep sea-port
p) VOIP/IP telephone
q) Industries using heavy minerals accumulated from sea beach

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