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Organization : Philippine Overseas Employment Administration
Service Name : Seafarers’ Online Registration
Country : Philippines

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Seafarers’ Online Registration:

The intended audience of this document are the Filipino Seafarers who are required to be documented by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) in order to work in the international maritime industry.

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The Online Seafarer Registration System Interface:
Welcome to the Online Seafarer Registration System! This is a web-based system that can be accessed via the internet by the registered Filipino Seafarers worldwide. With this system in place, the seafarer can access the system at the comfort of their homes or anywhere in the world without the hassle of personal appearance at the POEA Office/s. This Online registration is free of charge.

Before using this system, make sure that the following Seafarer Qualifications and System Requirements are met

Seafarer Qualifications:
Before At least 18 years old, except cadet
** Graduate of maritime courses or any related courses applicable to maritime employment
** Seafarer’s Information and Record Book (SIRB) issued by the MARINA
** Registrants who have Landbased work experience relevant to shipboard positions they are applying for
** No medical or legal impediments to qualify the applicant from overseas employment.

System Requirements:
** Windows95 or higher
** Pentium 4 or higher
** Memory at least 2 Gigabytes
** Internet connection at least 1 mbps

One of the following internet browsers:
Google Chrome 5.0 and above, Firefox 46

Getting Started:
First-time Access to the Online Seafarer Registration System:
** Open Google Chrome or Firefox
** Type in the Address Field and got to the Seafarer’s Registration Online Services
** The Login Screen will be displayed
** Next, click Login
** Create an Account Form will be displayed.
** Fill-out all the required fields, then click Create Account button to submit.
** The Detailed Create an Account Form will be displayed. You are required to fill-out the details of your Personal, Education, Training and Work Experience to complete your profile.
** Next click the “Submit” button, located at the bottom part of this page to save your profile.

** Once your account profile have been saved, the system will generate the Seafarer Registration Number (SRN). The SRN will be your permanent username for accessing/updating your Online Seafarer Account Profile. It is advice not to divulge your SRN to keep your account secure.

** Click the “Print” button if you want to have a hardcopy of your registration.
** Click the “Continue” button if you want to see your Online Seafarer Profile (refer

Login to the Online Seafarer Registration System:
** Type your SRN and Password to the fields provided in the Login Page
** Then click “Login”

How to get to your Online Seafarer Profile Page?
** Once Logged-in, the system will proceed to display the Online Seafarer Profile (refer to page 7). The system displays the summary of the pertinent details you have inputted. You can review/edit your profile if you have corrections or update it if you have an additional information to declare. (Refer to page 8)

** You can print this Profile Page by clicking the “Print Information” button, located at the top-right side of the scree
** Click the “Log-out” button to log-out of the system, this is located at the top and bottom-right side of the screen. (Continued next page)

How to Edit your Personal Details?
** First, you have to be in the Online Seafarer Profile. (Refer to Page 7)
** You may update or edit your Personal Details by clicking the button
** Edit the field/s that you wish then click the button to save changes.**

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