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Organisation : Teachers Service Commission – Kenya
Facility : Study Leave Application Form & Status
Country : Kenya
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TSC Study Leave Status

Download the Study Leave form from the downloads section on the website and fill it. Study leave will be granted in line with the policy existing from time to time.

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Procedure of applying for study leave :
** The application should be forwarded to the Commission at least one month before the commencement date.
** An application should be accompanied by the admission letter.
** A teacher should not proceed on leave before approval and formal release.
** Once granted, leave should be utilized for the approved purpose failure to which disciplinary action will be taken.
** Teachers should report for posting 30 days before expiry of the leave and provide evidence of having undertaken studies.
** Those on study leave lasting less than six months should report back to their stations for allocation of duties. Their heads of institutions should inform the Commission immediately.

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Bonding :
Teachers who are granted study leave with pay will be bonded to work for the commission as follows:
** For courses lasting six months but less than one year will be bonded for a period of one year.
** For courses lasting less than two years will be bonded for two years
** Those attending courses lasting two years or more will be bonded for three years.

Where a teacher under bond obligation chooses to terminate his/her service, he/she will be required to pay in full the total cost of training, the salaries and allowances paid to him/her while on study leave.
Self-sponsored teachers will be required to repay an amount equivalent to the salaries and allowances paid to them while on study leave.
The bond will not be applicable to those who have proceeded on unpaid study leave.

Please read and understand the instructions before completing the form :
1. This form is to be completed in triplicate. The original will be sent to the Commission, Duplicate to the Headteacher and Triplicate to the TSC County Director.
2. Application for study leave must be received at the Teachers Service Commission Headquarters at least 90 days before commencement of studies.
3. Application for study leave must be accompanied by a copy of the University/College admission letter.

4. Applicants for the Three (3) months Research leave must attach the following:-
(i) Initial Admission letter
(ii) Coursework completion letter
(iii) Transcripts for units completed

5. A teacher shall NOT leave the duty station before study leave is approved in writing by the Commission.
6. A teacher will be expected to report for duty on or before the date of expiry of the study leave.
7. Applications for extension of study leave or Change of course or institution must be made to the Commission at least thirty (30) days in advance.

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  1. My study leave is ending on 30th July and am required to notify TSC a month earlier with results slip attached.Final results will be released later by KNEC,can l attach first year result or should l notify them without evidence?

  2. Please clarify, Does TSC give study leave with pay for PHD program?

  3. I am trying to find the bonding forms for teachers on study leave. Please help me.

    1. You can use the below mentioned link to download the bonding form.

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