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Organization : The Kenya National Examinations Council
Service Name : 2016 Teacher Exam Registration
Country: Kenya

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How To Do Teacher Exam Registration?

These instructions on registration of candidates for the 2016 Teacher Education examinations are based on the examination regulations for each examination.

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These Teacher education examinations are:
1. Primary Teacher Education (PTE)
2. Diploma in Teacher Education (DTE),
3. Early Childhood Development Education — Proficiency Certificate and Diploma Examinations (ECDE)
4. Teacher Certificate in Adult Education (TCAE)
5. Diploma in Special Needs Education Part I and II

Registration of candidates who will be sitting for the Teacher Education examinations in the year 2016 will be done on-line. The Institutions /Colleges will access the KNEC registration portal the user name and the pass word provided by the Council.

Heads of lnstitutions/Sub- County Education Officer are expected to strictly follow the procedures on registration of candidates as outlined in the registration portal because any deviation from the same would either render the candidates ineligible for registration, taking the examinations or cause the processing of the examination results of the candidate to be delayed, deferred or cancelled.

Candidates will be registered for the KNEC examinations by Colleges/Institutions or Sub—county Education Officer for the ECDE Proficiency examinations and by the District Adult Education Officer for TCAE.

It is the responsibility of the candidate, to ensure that their names are in every way correct and that they are entered for the correct course and paper(s). Pleaseensure that the name is a replica of the qualifying certificate.

Please be informed that there will be no late registration of all candidates

All Colleges / Institutions must have a minimum of 10 candidates to qualify for the registration of candidates for any of the Teacher Education examination offered by your institution/ Sub County. Any centre wishing to register candidates for a course with less than 10 candidates must pay at the cost of registering 10 candidates.


Please note that the rates for the top up are as per the rates of the regular candidates not repeaters.

The Council will surcharge a candidate or the institution examination fee penalties in case of any form of registration errors requiring amendment after the close of registration period:
1. Change of subjects (this will be treated as an under protest case) will attract a fee penalty of Three thousand shillings (Kes. 3,000) per subject

2. Amendment of candidates’ examination details will attract a penalty fee of Five Hundred shillings (KES. 500) per amendment. ‘

3. Institutions are expected to provide a medical report from a government hospital indicating the nature and extend of disability for candidates with Special Needs. The Council will not accept registration of candidates with Special Needs from private colleges without a clearance letter from MOEST;

4. Heads of institutions must ensure that only those candidates who meet the minimum entry requirements for each teacher education programme are registered for the examination;

Registration materials which includes the nominal roll signed by each candidate, fee payment deposit slips and copies of the qualifying certificates/ equation letters for candidates with foreign certificates are to be submitted to the Council by either the Sub- County Education Officer or the Head of Institution or his/ her nominee with written approval within two weeks after the close of registration period for each examination

Additional Simplified Procedure

Here are the steps on how to do KNEC Teacher Exam Registration online:
1. Go to the KNEC website and click on the “Teacher Examinations” tab.
2. Click on the “Registration” link.
3. Select the examination you want to register for.
4. Enter your personal details, including your name, date of birth, and KCPE/KCSE index number.
5. Enter your educational details, including the subjects you passed in KCPE/KCSE and the grades you obtained.
6. Upload your passport-sized photograph.
7. Pay the registration fee.
8. Click on the “Submit” button.

You will then be given a registration number. You will need to keep this registration number safe as you will need it to track the status of your registration.

The KNEC Teacher Exam Registration is usually done in two phases:
** The pre-registration phase: This phase is usually open from November to December of the previous year. During this phase, you can only register for the examinations and pay the registration fee. You will not be able to select the subjects you want to sit for.
** The main registration phase: This phase is usually open from January to March of the current year. During this phase, you can select the subjects you want to sit for. You will also be able to print your admission letter.

The KNEC Teacher Exams are usually held in April and May of the current year.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when registering for KNEC Teacher Exams:
** You must have a valid KCPE/KCSE certificate to register for KNEC Teacher Exams.
** You must pay the registration fee in full.
** You must upload a clear passport-sized photograph.
** You must select the subjects you want to sit for in the main registration phase.
** You must print your admission letter before the examinations.

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  1. What is the registration deadline for PTE 2018?

    1. Information available from the Official Website :
      Primary Teacher Education PTE 2018 Registration Dates For Regular Students & Repeaters 15th October 2017 to 15th December 2017

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    When will 2017 pte time table be released? How can PTE candidates access their results?

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  13. Riungu Naomi Kawira

    knec edce submission of cat marks is not opening. What is the problem?

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    1. knec submission of ecde of CAT marks is not opening. What is the problem?

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  24. A trainee teacher at ASUMBI TEACHERS COLLEGE but surprisingly around 39 candidates are not registered including me. We are being told to wait and pray. They had our documents and they are doing nothing. Please help before Feb elapses.

  25. When will the timetable for the 2016 DTE exam be out?

  26. Samuel karumba kanake

    I would like to repeat two subjects. I failed during my PTE exams which is coming again next next year. How do I register as a private candidate and what is the penalty fine? Please help me out.

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  29. I was late to register by the stipulated dates for DTE. Can I still register for 2016 examination by 15/12/2015?

    1. All the registration dates get over.

  30. Hi, how do I activate centre code? How do I register a college email ?
    Thank you.

  31. So many pte candidates in 2015 class got failed in music. What could be the course?

    1. Certificates for DTE is taking long to be released. This is denying many of us a chance to equally register for tsc numbers as compared to degree graduates.

  32. What if i would like to register as a private candidate?

    1. The minimum entry requirement for primary Teacher Education Certificate examination is as follows :
      Mean Grade of C (plain) in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) Examination (or)
      Mean Grade of C (Minus) for visually impaired (VI- blind) and hearing impaired (HI) candidates only And physically disabled candidates

  33. I would like to apply as an ECDE marker. How will one apply?

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