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Organization : Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Service Name : Online Passport Application Service
Country: Liberia

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Liberia Online Passport Application Service

The Liberia Passport Office under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is authorized to issue Liberian Passports. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs by this mandate is providing applicants with this online passport application service

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How to apply

Complete the online application form here. As part of the application process, you will be required to submit your demographic information and upon completion, applicant will be directed to the payment option portion of the application. Applicant will be required to make payment online.

Upon completion of payment, applicant shall return to the online page to continue the passport acquisition process by retrieving submitted application with the transaction number. Applicant will then be directed to book an appointment with your selected application centre.

Print the online application receipt, attach other supporting documents and present it personally to the passport application centre on the appointed date and time.

At the centre, your photograph, fingerprints and signature will be taken. Also, please present a prepaid self-addressed Fed Ex, UPS, USPS next day express mailing envelope for the return of your new ECOWAS passport. NO OTHER MAILING ENVELOPES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

You will then be issued with a passport application receipt with the collection date stated.

Application Fees

Applicants will be required to pay an amount of $200.00 processing fee and additional $5.00 convenience fee which totals $205 fee which is indicated on the payment advice slip. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reserves the right to change the amount without explanation and/or consultation with applicants.

Appointment schedule

As part of the online application process, you will be required to select one of our passport application centres for further processing. You will then schedule an appointment with the centre for onward processing of your passport.

The Passport Application Center will operate on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s during the hours of 10:00 am- 3:00pm.

All funds collected during the processing of liberian ecowas biometric passport are not refundable. false information given during the process is considered perjury and grounds for denial of passport issuance.

Requirements For Acquisition Of An Ordinary Liberian Passport:
Proof of citizenship:
Applicant is required to provide a prove of his citizenship as a Liberian. The following documents are are accepted.
** Birth Certificate
** Old Passport
** National ID
** Naturalization Documents

Proof of payment:
Applicants are required to make a non-refundable payment to a designated bank and submit the Payment receipt

Passport photos:
Applicant is required to submit a passport size of 1MB photograph which must be scanned and attached during the online application process.

Passport Types :
** Republic of Liberia passorts are exclusive to Liberians. This implies nationals resident in Liberia and the diaspora.

** Passports issued by the Republic conforms to Economic Community of West African States(ECOWAS) standards and the International Civil Aviation Orginization(ICAO) standards.

The Republic issues THREE(3) main passports to its citizens.
** Ordinary
** Diplomatic
** Official

Ordinary Passport :
** The Ordinary Passport is issued to all citizens. This passport is Dark Green in color. It has the ECOWAS emblem on the front page and that of Liberia at the back page.

Diplomatic Passport :
** The Diplomatic Passport is issued to Liberian diplomats accredited overseas and their eligible dependents.

Official Passport :
** The Official Passport is issued to officials attached to government institutions who have to travel on official business.

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