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Organization : Bradford Metropolitan District Council
Service Name : E-Payslips
Country: United Kingdom

Access Your Payslip :

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If you are issued with payslips by Bradford Council, you will be able to use this site to view and download your payslips.

You can access both current and historic payslips 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Please ensure you know your User Name, Password, & PIN (Personal Identification Number) before accessing this service.

Password rules:

You will be supplied with an initial Username, Password, and Pin. You will then need to create your own password and security answers when you first log on.

Your password needs to be at least 8 characters long and you may use special characters such as £ $ % ^ & * ( ) – + ‘ # ~.

It should not be similar to your previous password and must contain all of the following:
** uppercase
** lowercase
** at least one number

Do NOT use a double quote “ anywhere in your password.

Do NOT start your password with a question mark ? Or an exclamation mark !

Access your Payslip:

If you attempt to connect or access this system and you are not an authorised user you will breach the Computer Misuse Act 1990, which is a criminal offence.

Mandatory Field:
All Fields marked with an * are mandatory

Forgotten Password:
If you have forgotten your password please click on the Reset My Password link to reset your password.

About your Payslip:
You should be able to view your payslip up to 6 days before you are due to be paid. Attached here is the guidance to understanding your payslip:-

Sample Payslip Information :

If your pay slip is not available to view after this time or you have not been paid, ring the appropriate Payroll team on the contact details below.

Leaving Employment:
If you know you are about to leave employment please ensure you have downloaded and saved any of the pay information you may require. Once your employment has been terminated you will not be able to view or access to your online Payslip, P11D or P60.

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If you have any queries about logging onto this website please contact – 01274 433939

If you have any queries with the contents of your Payslip, P11D or P60 please contact :
Payroll Council on 01274 432415
Payroll Education on 01274 432428

Guidance notes for use of the system are attached here :
Accessing Your On-line Payslip :
** Logging into the system for the first time
** You will have received 2 letters or emails, the first contains a username and password, the second contains a 4 digit pin number.

** Click on the payslip link on the website or the Bradford council portal or enter the following URL into your web browser
** This page contains important information, please ensure you read it the first time you access the system, once you have done so click on
** Enter your username, password and PIN

** The Security Questions and Password Reset screen will open, here you will be prompted to answer 3 security questions which will be used to reset your password in future so make sure you remember the answers you enter.

** You will then need to create a new password of your choosing
** Click OK.
** You will now see the following screen

** Your name will be in the top left hand corner and there are 3 options, Payslip, P11D & P60.
** If you select payslip a drop down menu will appear which allows you to select any payslip from the last 2 years as follows

Future use :
** If you are accessing the service from your own device save the website address in your favourites.

** If you forget your password you can reset it yourself by selecting the ‘Reset My Password’ function on the log-on screen, you will then need to enter the answers to the 3 security questions you entered when you first used the service. You can then choose another password.

** If you are using a device that you don’t own make sure you log out of the service when you have finished, to do this click on the ‘logout’ button in the top right hand corner of the screen just under the Bradford Council logo.

** If you want to change your password you can do so by clicking on the ‘Change Password’ button which is in the top right hand corner of the home screen.

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  1. Everyone at work have got a letter about logging into the internet to view their wage slips. I have moved address. So please can you send me replacement letters so that I can download my payslips. My old address was 34,mont grove,Bradford,Bd5 9rj my new address is 14,Brentwood gardens, Bradford, bd6 1jp. My payroll number is 10070084. I look forward to hear from you soon

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