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Organisation : National Housing Trust NHT
Facility : Query Contributions Refund Application Status
Country : Jamaica

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Application Status :

Enter the application reference number provided on your receipt to get Status

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Frequently Asked Questions related to our Contributions Refund activities.
If I already have an NHT mortgage, can I apply for a refund?
Yes. However, your refunds will not be paid directly to you. The refunds will instead, be credited to your loan account.

Please note however that if you received your NHT loan as a combined mortgage with another institution or through the Joint Finance Mortgage Programme (JFMP) your refund will be paid directly to you.

Who qualifies for a Special Refund?

Persons who qualify for a Special Refund are :
** Retirees
** Invalidity pensioners
** Migrating expatriates
** Agents of deceased contributors

A Special Refund gives you access at one time, to all the contributions you have made to the Trust.

Who qualifies for a Regular Refund?
All contributors qualify for a Regular Refund. A Regular Refund of each year’s contribution is paid out in the eighth year after the contribution was made.

Why can’t my contribution refund be issued to me even though I have a mortgage
Under the Nht Policy, all contributors with exisiting mortgage will have their refund applied to the mortgage account

Does applying for my refund affect my ability to get a loan from NHT?

A contributor who has already received contibutions refund from the NHT remains eiligible for a loan benefit, once contributions payments are current.

How long after applying will I be contacted?

You will be contacted within 3 working days following the submission of your application.
If I have a co-applicant, whose points will be used for selection?
Only the points of the primary applicant will be used for selection. So, ensure that the person with the highest points is the primary applicant.

What is PIE?
The Priority Index Entitlement (PIE) System is the selection system used by the NHT to award scheme loans to eligible contributors.

Under PIE selection the criteria are :
** Parish of residence or Parish of employment— Applicants must live and/or work in the parish where the development is located.
** Number of points—Points are derived from weekly contributions and current income.

Will I be required to pay a deposit?
Only in instances where the price of the unit is greater than the loan amount granted by the NHT.
How many persons can co-apply for a loan?
Only two (2) persons may co-apply for a loan.

About Us :
The National Housing Trust (NHT) was established in 1976 through an amendment to the National Insurance Act of 1976. We are entrusted with the mission of increasing and enhancing the stock of available housing in Jamaica as well as providing financial assistance to the most needy of our Contributors who wish to build, to buy or to repair their homes.

The NHT also has a mandate to generate funding for the housing construction sector and to promote improved building systems and greater efficiency within the industry

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  1. I have made an application for a refund from last week, but every time I enter the reference number that was sent to me, it kept saying that reference number cannot be found, why is that happening?

  2. I applied for my 2009 refund from January 2017. However, I was told some days after that I need to get a verification letter from my employer because that information was not on NHT system. I got the information and I took it to the branch where I live in close proximity from March 2017. I went back to the branch several times to check if the information is uploaded to NHT system. Until this day August 9th, 2017, I haven’t gotten a response from NHT to indicate if I can apply for my returns. I need to know if the information that I took to nht was misplaced. I can’t believe if it has taken such along time to be uploaded.

    1. What is your application reference number?

    2. I am not living in Jamaica anymore, how can I get my 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 fund. Please advice.



  5. I am a resident in Florida, USA. I migrated in the year 2001. I have never received my refund form NHT. How can I get my refund?

  6. I want to check the status of my refund application. My application number is B844076-Y29800.

  7. Ricardo Winston Martin

    I applied for refund 2 weeks ago. Till now I didn’t get any update. Please help me.

  8. I would like to know whether the amount has been credited in my account or not. Please help me.

  9. I am unable to get contribution refund for years 2011, 2015 and 2016. I am retired. Someone who has the correct information including reasons for delays payments please advise me accordingly.

  10. Got a text stating that my money is ready to pick up. But then status incomplete.

  11. I applied for my NHT refund for two company’s that I had worked but it seemed I got for only one of my application. What can be done?

  12. Lourine Louise Brown

    Want to see if my contribution is ready B648513-N28205.

  13. I am trying to apply for my NHT refund online.

  14. If you have received NHT benefit already and the mortagage is paid off can you apply for NHT refunds that you are qualified for?

    1. Yes. However, your refunds will not be paid directly to you. The refunds will instead, be credited to your loan account.Please note however that if you received your NHT loan as a combined mortgage with another institution or through the Joint Finance Mortgage Program (JFMP) your refund will be paid directly to you.

  15. My father retired from work before 20 years and he is a pensioner can he get a refund? He has never claimed before.

  16. How much will I get for 7 years?

  17. I would like to know NHT Refund Status for M673562.

  18. I have applied for my refund from the 07-01-2017 I have not received any refund till now. Please help me.

  19. Can you please help me to apply for my NHT refund online?

  20. I want to check my NHT refund status. My reference is M783550-F3513.

  21. I have applied for my contribution refund on February, 3rd 2017. I have got a message that I would hear from you on or before February 13. My reference number is G675951-J32284.

  22. Eloise Grant-Steele

    I have applied for my NHT refund in January 2017 for 2009. I got back a reply that my info is incorrect. I sent in the relevant documents like marriage certificate, NIS and my id. I have not received any reply of whats holding up the process of getting my refund.

  23. I made application for my NHT refund on January 12, 2017 and received an email saying my Bank info was incorrect and I should reapply. I did this but unfortunately I am unable to find the receipt. My NIS number is K418592 is and the receipt number for first application is K418592-J16563. Please help.

  24. I received email saying name and account were incorrect, I reapplied and received same message. I called the NHT and explained that my branch had closed down and my account was moved to another branch, the branch my account was transferred to added 3 digits onto my account number Hence the reason for different information being provided. I applied a third time and have not heard anything, i checked my status after the date on my receipt and the first information said it did not recognize my reference number, I tried again and now it says name and account is incorrect. I called 15 times today and nobody answers the phones. My reference number is N624655-J22681

  25. I want to check this application result x641124j38433.

  26. I cannot find the application query page.

  27. My ref number is w658018j12281. I would like to know what happened to my NHT refund.

  28. Marcia Delores Brown

    I resend my application because my NIS number was wrong. Could my status be upgraded?

  29. I got a text message saying my NAME OR NIS MAY HAVE BEEN INCORRECTLY ENTERED ON NHT REFUNDS APPLICATION, PLEASE CONTACT THE NHT. My reference number is: B874667-F2100. Could you advise what is incorrect?


    My ref# is K538010-J22147. I want to check the status of my application for refund.

  31. I have applied for my refund over 2 weeks now and I have not yet gotten a reply.

  32. The banking information on my refund application was incorrect. How do I correct this?

  33. I would like to know if my application for refund has been processed already because I got a message saying it’s ready. My reference number is E860305-J6230.

  34. Why can’t I access the NHT refund site?

  35. Can I make claims from 2014 -2016?

  36. My application was submitted but was found to be erred. I also queried the reference number. Please reply in short order.

  37. Sylvette Williams- Hinds

    I am trying to do a status check, but is unable to do so as as the report states that the reference number cannot be found. My reference # is R753542-J3389. The application was done on January 3rd, 2017 and was told that I would be informed by the 23rd January of the out come.

  38. I have not received any information on my status, and the date they gave me is past already. My number is #X500875-J4187. What is the next procedure?

  39. How do I make checks re correction for refunds?

  40. I didn’t get the chance to write off my reference number quickly. How do I obtain the reference number?

  41. When I did the status check, it reported that my reference number can not be found. The number is X845143-J2497. The date given for complete processing was January 23rd, 2017. Could you kindly give me an update?

    1. I made an error when I was applying for my contribution refund. I should have claimed for 2009 instead I typed 2006. Will I still get the refund for 2009?

  42. How do I correct the mistakes which I made on the form?

  43. I received a text saying my employment information for refund is incomplete. How do I edit my application?

  44. How do I make corrections to my application after being notified by the NHT of errors on the application form?

  45. How do I check for my refund?

  46. Charmaine Cassandra Hall- Banton

    k693488-j5001 is my application number.


  48. How do I make corrections to my application after being notified by the NHT of errors on the application form?

  49. I don’t remember my query number for contributions refund. I applied via mobile device and did not get to write down my query number.

    1. I don’t remember my query number for contributions refund. I applied via mobile device and did not get to write down my query number.

  50. You are annoying me. I really need to make an application for my NHT refund.

  51. I was told some years ago as I could get refund. But it is not until 2017. How can I get that now and what should I have to do?

  52. I used to work in two factories, different locations and was paying my funds and I have never replied for a claim or applied for a house. I would like to know what procedure is required to claim a refund or if I can use that refund back in the trust.

  53. I am not understanding why I am unable to access NHT refund site.

  54. How do I sign up for my contribution?

    1. Terrie Ann Robinson

      How to I sign up for housing trust refund? Please help me.

  55. What year contribution refunds are currently being disbursed?

  56. My father died in 2003. Can I apply for his NHT contribution? Also is there statuary limited apply for a decease person?

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