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Organisation : National Housing Trust NHT
Facility : Query Contributions Refund Application Status
Country : Jamaica

Check Application Status here :
Website :

Application Status :

Enter the application reference number provided on your receipt to get Status

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Frequently Asked Questions related to our Contributions Refund activities.
If I already have an NHT mortgage, can I apply for a refund?
Yes. However, your refunds will not be paid directly to you. The refunds will instead, be credited to your loan account.

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Please note however that if you received your NHT loan as a combined mortgage with another institution or through the Joint Finance Mortgage Programme (JFMP) your refund will be paid directly to you.

Who qualifies for a Special Refund?

Persons who qualify for a Special Refund are :
** Retirees
** Invalidity pensioners
** Migrating expatriates
** Agents of deceased contributors

A Special Refund gives you access at one time, to all the contributions you have made to the Trust.

Who qualifies for a Regular Refund?

All contributors qualify for a Regular Refund. A Regular Refund of each year’s contribution is paid out in the eighth year after the contribution was made.

Why can’t my contribution refund be issued to me even though I have a mortgage
Under the Nht Policy, all contributors with exisiting mortgage will have their refund applied to the mortgage account

Does applying for my refund affect my ability to get a loan from NHT?

A contributor who has already received contibutions refund from the NHT remains eiligible for a loan benefit, once contributions payments are current.

How long after applying will I be contacted?

You will be contacted within 3 working days following the submission of your application.

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  1. I don’t remember my query number for contributions refund. I applied via mobile device and did not get to write down my query number.

    1. I don’t remember my query number for contributions refund. I applied via mobile device and did not get to write down my query number.

  2. I was told some years ago as I could get refund. But it is not until 2017. How can I get that now and what should I have to do?

  3. I used to work in two factories, different locations and was paying my funds and I have never replied for a claim or applied for a house. I would like to know what procedure is required to claim a refund or if I can use that refund back in the trust.

  4. My father died in 2003. Can I apply for his NHT contribution? Also is there statuary limited apply for a decease person?

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