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Organisation : Ministry of Education
Type of Facility : Online Exam Results 2016
Country : Fiji

Get Exam Result here :
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Exam Results :

2016 Exam results are Announced. Please check your Result & Get Marks in the above link.

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Update : TSLB Year 13 Exam Results 2016 Fiji :

Procedure :
Student Exam Marks
i) Select School Year
ii) Enter Student ID
iii) Enter First Name
iv) Enter Surname
v) Enter Other Name
vi) Enter Parent Name
vii) Enter Date of Birth
viii) Click on “Get Results” Button
* required field

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  1. I am having problems in trying to get my result. My answers does not matched with data oon your website.
    Year : 12
    ID# : 927928
    Yasayasa Moala Junior College

  2. I can’t get my FJC year 10 result online. Can you send it to me please? My index number is 1078212.

  3. I am unable to access to my year 13 results. Can you please send my result notice? My index number is 862264.

  4. I can’t seem to get my FY10CE exam results and the one who has it is taking his damn time giving it and I can’t access it online. Can you send it to me please? My index number is 1082880.

  5. I can’t get my result. I entered my information and my date of birth was written as invalid date .
    Index no : 861542
    Dob : 09 09 1998

  6. I keep on typing my details and it keeps on telling me that the information I type does not matched.
    Index # :986532
    D.O.B : 01/12/1998

  7. I still haven’t got my year 12 results. I’m tired of typing the info again and again. Can the ministry do something?

  8. I’ve been trying to answer all my questions but still it does not matched. But my id # is correct i.e 746118. I want to see my result.

  9. I am tired of typing and filling all the information needed but it says that does not matched. Can somebody do something about it? I need to see my year 10 exam result.

  10. I have been typing all my details for my year 10 result but the response kept saying that the information provided does not match.

  11. I have entered all relevant information for my fjc results. However it keeps on saying that the information does not match the data held by the femis.

  12. I have checked this site for the fjc result but it’s not here. But it was asked on the news to check the result where is it only year 6 and 8 are here.

  13. I want my FJC results but in order to get it we have to enter a password. What kind of password does it mean because it says enter a password like 1998. I don’t get that part.

    1. I had answered all the questions given but still it does not matched with the data held by the Femis.
      My id is 1077029.

    2. I already filled the required information but still it does not matched with the data given. My index number is 1093321.

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